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Whirlpool Max Black Microwave with Steam Function

  • Rounded back for saving space
  • fits easily in corners
  • Steam function and steamer for healthy cooking
  • Jet defrost – 7 times faster defrost time than a conventional microwave system
  • Product Dimensions: 35.3 x 39.2 x 36 cm ; 14 Kg
  • 13 Litres (equivalent to 20 litre due to design)
  • 700 Watt


Innovative Design

Rounded Back to Save on Worktop Space

The Whirlpool Max Microwave range with its statement rounded back, slots comfortably into tight corners & is suitable for those with limited kitchen work space or where space is not a problem. It features a large 28cm turntable and although it may appear smaller than a conventional microwave there is no compromise on size when it comes to cooking.

Stylish and Easy to Clean

The Max 35 microwave is designed with a dark glass flat screen door and an integrated handle with touch-screen controls. The Max 38 is both stylish & easy to clean and with a choice of a variety of different colours, the user can personalise their microwave to suite their kitchen.

Healthy and Fast Cooking

Steam function

This microwave comes with a specially designed steamer vessel & pre-programmed settings for ease of steaming a variety of different foods such as fish, vegetables and even cakes. The auto steam function means that food can be completely steamed to the desired level in minutes. All that is required is to add water to the steamer then select the food class & weight.


Conventional Microwave Distribution / Whirlpool 3D Microwave Distribution
3D Microwave Distribution Cooking

The Max 38 Microwave range comes fitted with Whirlpool’s 3D distribution technology which means that the food can be cooked, steamed and defrosted evenly for safer and faster results. It also means the microwave is more efficient with the power that it is using.

Quick Start and Defrost

Microwave cooking is designed to be quick, so the Max 35 Microwave Range has Jet options for quick results. One touch of the Jet Start button will trigger the Microwave to heat food for 30 seconds at full power. The Jet Defrost option defrosts food seven times faster than a conventional microwave heating system, all that is required is to set the weight of the food.

Cooking with Convenience

Memo Function

The Max 38 Microwave also has a memo function which allows the user to store 3 of the most frequently used settings. These can then be started at the push of a button, meaning that time can be saved & the food preparation is more efficient.

“Wavelicious” Recipes

The user can find recipes to complement the steam Max 35 Microwave on Whirlpool’s recipe mobile application “Wavelicious”.


The Max 35 Microwave comes with a steamer vessel, designed for the Max 35 as well as a baby bottle holder for convenient re-heating. The Max 35 also has an ‘end of cooking’ buzzer, interior cavity light, child lock, & a 24-hour digital clock display.

Box Contains

  • Whirlpool MAX 35 Microwave-Black
  • 2-piece Steamer accessory
  • User manual