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The Best Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Photographic Kitchen Splashback

White Lilies Kitchen Splashback Idea

Invented by PimpYourKitchen the photographic kitchen splashback is a truly unique way to style your kitchen. As the options are limitless and every splashback is custom made you can rest assured that no one will have a kitchen quite like yours! They can be as elegant or as fun as you want. What I particularly love about this idea is the possibility of creating a large faux window with a panoramic landscape of your favourite place. It could be a shaded woodland, a sunny seascape, or even an iconic photo of your favourite city.

Seascape Kitchen Splashback Idea

Mirrored Kitchen Splashback

So simple. So beautiful! And in my opinion one of the best kitchen splashback ideas out there! A kitchen is instantly opened up, feeling larger and brighter with the addition of a mirrored splashback. Particularly effective in all white kitchens with stainless steel appliances. It’s also easier to clean than stainless steel splashbacks. However, proceed with caution. Only choose a mirrored splashback if your kitchen is always immaculately tidy. Any mess will be doubled via your splashback!


Glass Kitchen Splashback

Demand is increasing for glass kitchen splashbacks. Hygienic, easy to clean and available in every colour imaginable, they look sleek with their seamless surface. Companies like 3DKitchens can even add special metallic or sparkled effects and print images directly on the glass. For something a little more DIY, consider painting the wall or hanging wallpaper before covering with toughened glass.

LED Backlit Kitchen Splashback

LED Green Glass Kitchen Splashback

Take the glass splashback idea one step further by adding LED backlighting. It can instantly brighten a kitchen lacking in natural light, create atmospheric evening lighting and give it an overall modern look. You could opt to stick to one lighting colour such as white or make it interchangeable to suit your mood or the occasion – a clever way to instantly change the look of your kitchen.

LED Backlit Glass Kitchen Splashback
LED Backlit Glass Kitchen Splashback

Natural Wood Kitchen Splashback

The designer of this exquisite kitchen made the bold choice to match their splashback with their beautiful wooden worktop. The natural pattern of the wood grain creates a unique piece of artwork that no one else will ever have. When treated with oil its water resistant surface will be easy to wipe over and will ensure its longevity.

Grained Wood Kitchen Splashback

Stainless Steel Kitchen Splashback

If tough is what you want then consider the same material commercial kitchens use – stainless steel. You can create a brilliant industrial look for your kitchen with made to measure brushed stainless steel from companies like Linear Kitchen Designs. As beautiful as it is just be aware that it’s easily smudged and marked by fingerprints and watermarks.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Splashbacks

Stainless Steel Tile Kitchen Splashback

This contemporary Kitchen from Jamie Laubhan-Oliver features a stainless steel tile splashback. These incredible tiles bounce light around the kitchen whilst bringing a lovely touch of modern industrial design in a more elegant manner to plain sheet steel. The great thing about these tiles is that they come in all shapes and sizes and in a choice of silver, bronze or black. Here’s a small selection from Mosafil.

Stainless Steel Bronze Tiles
Stainless Steel Black Cobblestone Tiles
Stainless Steel Mosaic Tiles

Patterned Tiles Kitchen Splashback

Patterned tiles for kitchen splashbacks are growing massively in popularity, with many retro designs as well as modern. This gorgeous patchwork splashback has been created using Original Styles‘ Blue Tapestry Ceramic Tile Collection.

Patchwork Patterned Tiles Kitchen Splashback

Glass Tiles Kitchen Splashback

Copper Leaf Glass TileGlass tiles are another great idea for a kitchen splashback and we particularly love these Metallic Glass tiles from Original Style who have encased copper foil in glass, making each tile unique and utterly beautiful. Not into copper? They’ve also created a Silver Leaf Tile. From these large tiles to small mosaic glass tiles there’s a huge choice. Check out the gorgeous shimmering oil coloured tiles below as well as the beautiful green ones found in New York architect, David Mann’s Penthouse. You can  view more of it here.

Copper Leaf Glass Tile Kitchen Splashback

Granite Kitchen Splashback

Finally to really push the boat and for something stupendously strong, long lasting and simple to clean there’s alway granite. Whether it’s to match your worktop or to hold its own as a splashback, granite will be sure to look beautiful with its unique patterns and gentle array of colours.

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