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What colours go with duck egg blue?

What Colour Goes With Duck Egg Blue?When creating a great colour scheme for the home it can be incredibly difficult to know where to begin. What colours should you team together and in what shade (there are so many to choose from!)?

If you’ve chosen your first colour then well done to you! But now you’ll need to avoid over saturation of this colour by teaming it with at least one other. Your second colour could be fairly neutral – something to casually offset your first colour but if your first colour is neutral then you’re probably likely to need a slightly bolder accent colour.

So what colours go with duck egg blue?

Many – as we shall soon see. But first… where are you going to use duck egg blue in your kitchen? Are you thinking about using it on the walls, the kitchen cabinets, through matching appliances and kitchen accessories? This is important because it will influence your final colour choice. Have you discovered the perfect duck egg blue kettle and toaster set? Or perhaps you’ve already bought a can of beautiful paint ready to splash on the walls? The answer to this question will influence where you go from here.

Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Is your kitchen separate to your living space?

If your kitchen is your living and dining room too then you’ll need to choose carefully. Consider using one colour to break up the two sides and one to tie them together. In this kitchen complimentary colours, cream and duck egg blue, have been successfully used. The duck egg blue kitchen cabinets create a feeling of two separate spaces while the walls are laced with cream for continuity. Cream is a perfect complimentary colour to duck egg blue as both colours are pastel shades (almost any pastel colour will compliment duck egg blue). Cream is a neutral shade that can be used on the walls of both sides of this small but gorgeous living space. This beautiful room has a touch of vintage country charm to it. The addition of a couple of well placed kitchen accessories such as the duck egg blue bread bin finish off this kitchen without the duck egg blue accent colour being overbearing.

Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Colour Scheme Ideas

In this beautiful kitchen the cabinets match the true center piece – the incredible duck egg blue AGA. With AGAs range of new generation AGA cookers any kitchen can recreate this look. If you’re lucky enough to have a stylish and colourful cooker or are planning on investing in one like this then consider colour matching your walls or cabinets for an incredible look.

Duck Egg Blue KitchenAccessorise with Duck Egg Blue

The kitchen to the left opted for cream kitchen cabinets and introduced duck egg blue through its textiles. It also features metro tiles on its walls in a more neutral grey shade of duck egg blue, highlighting how a colour palette can be chosen by use of shades rather than just entirely different colours. Here you can find a whole array of duck egg blue kitchen accessories to help create a similar look.

Duck Egg Blue Appliances

It’s incredible just how many duck egg blue kitchen appliances are now out there. From toasters to espresso machines there’s one to fit your colour scheme. If you’re making the big decision to use appliances and other kitchen equipment to showcase your colour choice then you’ll want to select from one of the biggest and best ranges out there. Colourising in this way is a bit commitment so get it right first time. Take a peek at our range of duck egg blue kitchen appliances we’ve been tirelessly searching for.


Duck Egg Blue Kitchen Colour Scheme Ideas - Accents of Red

Fancy something a little bolder?

Don’t be afraid to combine duck egg blue with something a little bolder. Believe it or not it looks fantastic with red or pink (or both – if you’re into that). Duck egg blue combined with red or pink creates an entirely different look. With its whimsical look it’s great for shabby chic kitchens, vintage and retro kitchens as well as more modernist kitchens.

Francis Francis for Illy X1 Red Ground Coffee MachineConsider combining duck egg blue kitchen cabinets, chairs or freestanding units with red appliances and other kitchen accessories. There are a phenomenal amount of red kitchen accessories available to make this task super easy. Check out all these Red Kitchen Accessories.


Red and Pink Kitchen Accessories in a Duck Egg Blue Kitchen

Continuing with the red and pink theme here you can see this charming vintage French style kitchen has subtly combined a combination of duck egg blue, pink, red and white. The beautiful painted freestanding unit takes on the dominant colour of duck egg blue and further splashes of it can be seen in the tea towel and other accessories. Sometimes all it takes is a red recipe book and matching storage with subtle shades of pink in the curtains and one vibrant pink bowl. The continuity doesn’t have to be obvious. The shades don’t have to be identical. This kitchen makes it look effortless and in truth it is. You can search for Pink Kitchen Accessories here.

Modern Duck Egg Blue Kitchen with Red ChairsJago LBHK06 2 Red Bar Stools

The previous examples of combining duck egg blue have shown how brilliant the combination works in vintage, country and shabby chic kitchens but it also can create a great retro twist in a much more modern kitchen. In this example the Red Kitchen Bar Stoolswalls are painted in duck egg blue and the kitchen cabinets are white. The splash of red comes in the form of this fantastic red table and chairs set that brings much needed vibrancy to a kitchen that without it could suffer from the perception of being cold.


 Duck Egg Blue Monochromatic Colour Scheme

Duck Egg Blue Teal and Red Kitchen IdeaThis next kitchen is a brilliant example of how to make use of shades with a monochromatic colour scheme. By combining a teal table and lamp shades with duck egg blue cabinets this kitchen looks phenomenal. The reason these two colours work so brilliantly together is that teal is merely a darker shade of duck egg blue. Combine an assortment of shades and you’re on to a winner. Then why not add a splash of red to liven things things up a tad more? In fact bright red, dark red, crimson, hot pink or pastel pink would all work with this colour combo.

Bestro Pastel Pink Retro Kitchen Weighing ScalesHanson H500 Traditional Mechanical Kitchen Scale - RedCook Incolour MCK21000 Mini Kitchen Scale - RedPremier Houseware Hot Pink Kitchen Weighing Scales






The following chart shows you a selection of shades that would work perfectly within a duck egg blue kitchen. You could choose one or two additional shades and optionally add an additional accent colour.

Duck Egg Blue Monochromatic Colour Scheme

Duck Egg Blue Pastel Kitchen Colour Scheme

Pastel Kitchen Colour Scheme

There’s an even more colourful option for combining colours with duck egg blue – pastel colours. Just about all pastel colours will work as all of them are subtle shades. There seems to be this beautiful pact between each and every one of them that says, “Hey, man, we’re always going to look good together – no matter what!” Throw any pastel colours into the mix and it just seems to work. Observe this great kitchen table in duck egg blue. Again a freestanding piece of furniture plays the dominant duck egg blue role but this time its surrounded by its pastel groupies.

Duck Egg Blue Pastel Kitchen AccessoriesThe great thing about opting for pastel shades to compliment duck egg blue is the incredible range of kitchen accessories it opens up.

This fantastic breakfast scene is serene with its neutral palette, using wood and pastel shades in a cream room. It’s also incredibly easy to recreate a similar version in your own home. Simply team duck egg blue chairs with a light wooden table, maybe add a weaved willow bread basket and finish it off with a few kitchen appliances and accessories in various pastel shades. Need pastel kitchen accessories and appliances?Duck Egg Blue Pastel Kitchen InspirationKitchencraft Silicone Pastel Yellow Cooking Utensil Set



Smeg 2 Slice Toaster - Pastel Green

 DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent Pink Wall Clock

Tea Green Swan Retro Dome Kettle, 1.8 Litre

Duck-Egg-Blue-and-Olive-Green-KitchenBe Bold with your Colour Choice

A slightly more unusual idea is this fearless juxtaposition of olive green, duck egg blue and burnt orange created by Paris-based architect and designer Philippe Harden. Here he has created a beautiful Parisian kitchen with a noteworthy colour palette that works perfectly.

Perhaps consider this unusual combination with a range of olive green kitchen accessories or copper kitchen accessories.

Copper Kitchen Accessories

Duck Egg Blue Colour Swatches

As you can see from these final colour swatches, matching colours with duck egg blue is incredibly easy. It’s very difficult to pick a bad colour choice and there really is no set formula. A great idea to get you on your way is to rip out colour swatches from a paint catalogue and start playing around with ideas. I recommend trying three colours but it’s possible to pick up to five (using shades or pastel colours) without it looking crazy. As I stated at the beginning of this post what it really all comes down to is where is each individual colour going to be applied? Think about this as your choosing your colour scheme. The walls? The cabinets? The table? The appliances? Etc. Keep this in mind and your final colour palette will come together successfully. Still feeling shaky about choosing your own colours? Well then just pick a photo of your dream kitchen and copy the colours exactly. Then stand in your new kitchen smugly as your friends compliment you on your impeccable taste, gobsmacked that you instantly knew fuschia pink would look divine in your duck egg blue kitchen. Now go forth and be the design guru!

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