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Welcome to My Kitchen Accessories huge catalogue of Purple Kettles. We currently host one of the biggest ranges of purple kettles available to buy in the UK. We’ve taken a huge amount of time to search and catalogue the best kettles on the internet and therefore within our range you’ll find every kind of purple kettle imaginable.You’ll discover purple whistling kettles, dome kettles, jug kettles, pyramid kettles and traditional kettles.

From small capacity kettles to a whopping 3.5 litre kettle we’ve got a purple kettle to suit every situation and home. A solo tea drinker? Our smaller capacity kettles are brilliant for a quick cupper. If you’re catering for a large family of hot drinks lovers then you’ll be needing something a little larger and more powerful. The wattage of your new kettle is a vital element to consider. If you’re planning on making large pots of tea then you’ll want a kettle that features 3kW of power and rapid boil for speedy large capacity tea making. You can easily glance over the capacity and wattage of our listed purple kettles before you click through to the product page.

Within our range you’ll find essential features such as rapid boil, stainless steel concealed elements, boil dry protection, automatic shut-off, removable and washable limescale filters and 360 degree swivel bases that are perfect for right and left hand users.

And if fully featured electric kettles aren’t your thing then we have many purple whistling kettles that can be used to boil water on your gas or electric stove-top. Perfect if you hate trailing wires or don’t have enough sockets in your kitchen. Perhaps you like to take your kettle camping? Who needs two when you can just have one super stylish multifunctional kettle in a lovely shade of purple!

If you are thinking of buying a bright purple kettle or one in a deep plum tone we have loads on offer from a range of great brands, we have kettles from high quality manufacturers including Bugatti, Daewoo, Le Creuset, Morphy Richards, Panasonic, Russell Hobbs & Swan. All you need to decide is which kettle will look great in your kitchen!

Features to consider

Rapid Boil

Kettles with a wattage of 3kW are usually classified as a “Rapid Boil” Kettle although performance can vary throughout the different models. We always recommend reading other customers reviews before making your final decision if a speedy purple kettle is what you desire.


The purple kettles within our range hold between 0.5 and 3 litres of water. Our tiny 0.5 litre purple travel kettle from Swan is perfect for making 2 large cups/mugs of tea as the average cup requires about 250ml of water. You can view the capacity of each kettle on the listings page before you click to view the entire product description.

Boil Dry Protection

This feature really is essential in any modern electric kettle. If your kettle has no water in it then it will automatically shut-off.

Limescale Filter

While most modern electric kettles have limescale filters these days you should look out for one with an easy to remove filter for easy cleaning. Your kettle’s filter is an essential piece that will need maintenance to keep your water free from limescale and therefore tasting delicious.

Concealed Element

Only the truly budget kettles seem to lack this great feature, opting for a cheaper open element. An open element allows for the gradual build-up of limescale (often the cause of kettles eventually failing). With a concealed element the build-up of limescale is easy to prevent due to how easy it is to clean out the inside of your kettle. When you peer inside a kettle with a concealed element all you will notice is a flat stainless steel bottom that secretly houses the element. Kettles with open elements contain what resembles unsightly coiled tubes and therefore lots of unreachable surface area to make cleaning near impossible.

360 Degree Base

A standard feature on most kettles, a 360 degree base allows the user to replace the kettle on its base from any direction. Perfect for left and right handed users as it means no awkward twisting of the wrist when replacing your kettle.

  • Bugatti Vera Lilac Purple Kettle, 1.8L, 2kW

    • 360 Degree connection to the base permits easy use
    • Display integrated into the handle
    • Energy saving and the maximum level of thermal efficiency
    • Self-timer that sets and regulates the activation of the kettle
    • Clock function
    • Thermal security system


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  • Goto Cast Iron Purple Tetsubin teapot 0.6 litre

    • Japanese style
    • Cast iron
    • Stainless infuser
    • 0.6 Litres
    • Daisy Purple design
    • Height; handle up 15.5 cm, handle down 9.5cm

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  • Le Creuset Traditional Cassis Purple Kettle, 2.1L

    • 2.1 Litres
    • Fixed whistle, stainless steel ring around spout
    • Suitable for use on all heat sources
    • Easy to clean exterior
    • Enamelled steel stove top whistling kettle with stay-cool phenolic fixed handle


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  • Morphy Richards 108103 Prism Kettle – Merlot

    • Power: 3 kw
    • Capacity: 1.5 Litre (6 cups)
    • Water Level Indicator
    • Power On Indicator
    • 360 degree base
    • Removable Limescale Filter
    • Rapid Boil
    • Concealed Element
    • Boil Dry Protection
    • Cord storage
    • Item Weight: 1.3 Kg
    • Product Dimensions: 23.5 x 22.5 x 27.3 cm

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  • Morphy Richards Accents Plum Purple Pyramid Kettle, 1.5L, 3kW

    • 3kW concealed rapid-boil element
    • 1.5 litre capacity
    • Illuminated on/off switch and water gauge
    • Removable limescale filter
    • Cordless design
    • 360° base

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  • Prima Stainless Steel Purple Whistling Kettle, 2.5L

    • Whistling Kettle
    • Colour: Metallic Purple
    • Capacity: 2.5ltr approx
    • Folding handle
    • Suitable for most stoves
    • Perfect for camping, caravans or the kitchen


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  • Prima Stainless Steel Purple Whistling Kettle, 3.5L

    • 3.5 Litres
    • Made from Stainless Steel
    • Comfy grip handle
    • Whistling spout


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  • Russell Hobbs Heritage Purple Kettle, 1.8L, 3kW

    • 3kW concealed element
    • 1.8 L capacity
    • Rear water gauge
    • power on indicator

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  • Swan Retro 1.5 Litre Jug Kettle 3KW – Purple

    • 1.5 Litre Capacity
    • 6 cups per boil
    • Cordless design
    • 360-degree rotational base
    • Suitable for both left and right-handed users
    • Fast boil technology
    • 3 KW concealed heating element
    • Automatic cut out and boil dry protection
    • Easy pour spout
    • 2-year Warranty from Swan
    • Other colours available
    • Range of other purple kitchen accessories available from Swan via retailer


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  • Swan Retro 1.8 Litre Dome Kettle Fast Boil 3KW – Purple

    • 1.8 Litre capacity
    • 8 cups from just one boil
    • Rapid boil function
    • 3 KW concealed heating element
    • Fast boil technology
    • Cordless design
    • 360-degree rotational base
    • Automatic cut out and boil dry protection
    • Easy pour spout
    • Stainless-steel with contrasting chrome
    • 2 Year extendable warranty from Swan
    • Matching purple Swan kitchen accessories available via retailer


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