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Pink Microwaves

A Pink Microwave could be the perfect centre piece to complete your pink kitchen theme. Finding a pink kettle and toaster set in pink is a fairly straightforward task with many manufactures making a wide range of sets in different models and hues of pink. However, when looking for a pink microwave you will quickly learn that many brands simply do not make them even though they are very much sought after.

We have searched the internet to bring you every pink microwave we are able to find, that is currently in stock and available to buy in the UK. As you can see below the options are fairly limited but we hope we provide you with enough choices to hopefully match the pink tone of some of your other pink kitchen accessories.

If you are looking for a classy more traditional pale pink, baby pink or pastel pink microwave oven or one in a modern looking funky hot pink or fuchsia we have microwaves in the perfect shade of pink to suit your taste.

We hope one of the stunning pink microwaves below will be right up your street, whether you are looking to embrace your feminine side or add more fun bright pink accessories to your kitchen, a pink microwave is certainly a bold addition to any fairy tale inspired pink kitchen decor.
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