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Brabantia 30 Litre Soft Touch Bin – Matt Black

Amazon.co.uk Price: £195.00 (as of 20/07/2024 14:13 PST- Details)

  • 30 litre capacity Touch bin ideal for use in the living room, hobby room or kitchen
  • ‘Soft-Touch Bin’ closure ensures light and silent operation
  • Removable stainless steel lid-unit allows for easy change of bin liners
  • Plastic protective bottom rim prevents damage to the floor
  • Removable plastic inner bucket is easy to clean
  • Special ventilation holes in the inner bucket prevent vacuum when removing the filled bin liner
  • Sturdy carrying handle means the bin is easy to move even when full
  • Made from durable corrosion-resistant materials
  • Brabantia bin liners available with tie-tape (size G) provide an optimal fit with no ugly over wrap
  • Comes with a 10 year guarantee


Brabantia 30 L Touch Bin – Matt Black

Brabantia’s 30 litre Touch Bin in Matt Black is a sleek and stylish addition to any room in the home. With a variety of features, such as sturdy carry handles, soft touch opening and closing and protective plastic rim, the bin is both practical and chic.

High capacity, low profile

With a 30 litre capacity, the Touch Bin is the ideal size for any room. Due to its tall design (72 cm height) the bin takes up minimal floor space. Its plastic protective rim helps to prevent damage to flooring as well as keep the bin stable.

Soft touch opening and closing

The bin’s clever hinge design and soft touch operation allows the lid to open and close silently with a slight press on the lid. The lid will remain open on its own allowing you to fill it with waste and empty it with ease. Both the lid and plastic inner bucket are removable allowing you to change bin liners and clean with ease.

Easy transportation

The Touch Bin’s light but robust material and sturdy carry handles allow you to move the bin with ease, even when full with waste.

Easy-to-fit bin liners

Matching Brabantia bin liners with tie-tape are available for the Touch Bin separately and have been designed to fit optimally avoiding any unsightly over-wrap. To ensure changing bags is as effortless as possible, there are special ventilation holes in the inner bucket which allow air to escape easily, preventing a vacuum from forming when removing a full bag.

Long lasting waste disposal

Made of durable, corrosion resistant materials the bin is built to endure the daily rigour of a busy family home.


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