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Haden Highclere Kettle 3000W 1.5 Litre – Blue

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Haden Highclere Kettle 3000W 1.5 Litre - BlueGet ready for your perfect cup of tea or coffee with the Haden Highclere Cordless Blue Kettle!

Boil water in no time with the help of the 3000W powered device.

This convenient apparatus can provide boiling water instantly, giving you access to hot beverages at your fingertips. It is an energy efficient and cost effective solution for a variety of needs and it is easy to use.

The BPA free stainless steel body and 360° swivel base of this appliance make it not only powerful but also aesthetically pleasing, giving it a stylish look with the added convenience of being easy to use.

With a generous 1.5 litre capacity and an incredibly useful water viewing window, you can easily make enough tea or coffee for everyone in the office with just one brewing cycle. This makes it an ideal choice for a busy workplace that needs to provide drinks on demand and quickly.

And the best part? Its advanced built-in filter helps to ensure that limescale build up is minimized, which in turn results in you enjoying clean and fresh tasting drinks time and time again!

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