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COMFEE Electric Kettle 3000W 1.7L – Green


The COMFEE Green Kettle is the perfect kitchen appliance to quickly and safely boil water. This stylish kettle is designed to make boiling water fast, efficient and safe with its easy-to-use design.

It also offers a modern look that fits in any style of kitchen, making it the ideal companion for your daily hot beverage needs.

This attractive brushed stainless steel electric kettle is powered by a powerful 3000 Watts of power, which allows it to boil a full 1.7 litre capacity of water in an astonishingly short 60 seconds! With its sleek and modern design, this electric kettle promises to be a great addition to any kitchen.

This kettle is designed to provide safety, speed and convenience with its advanced features, including an auto shut-off system that prevents boiling dry, as well as precise temperature control for more accurate results. Plus, it offers fast heating times and is easy to use – so you can enjoy your hot beverages in no time.

If you’re looking for a top-notch kettle for your kitchen, this Green Kettle is the perfect choice. Featuring a 360° rotating base and a removable filter for easy cleaning, it’s designed to provide you with fast boiling times and total peace of mind. Get the COMFEE Green Kettle today and start enjoying its many benefits!

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