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Kettle and Toaster Sets

At My Kitchen Accessories we have a number of kettle and toaster sets to choose from in a number of colours and styles. While many of the kettle and toasters below are available in a bundle pack we do advise that you also take a look at the individual toaster and kettle pages as many of the kettles we list can be bought separately and paired with a toaster and vice versa. Although a bundle pack may seem like a good idea do check the individual prices for the items as in some cases the convenience of a kettle and toaster set isn’t always as cost effective as it would appear.

If you do not like the look of any of the kettle and toaster packs below, please do take a look at both the kettle and toaster areas on My Kitchen Accessories as quite often the best way to check if there is a matching kettle or toaster is to visit the retailer who will often highlight the matching product on the same page.

If continuity in the kitchen is something you love or if you simply only like to kit out your kitchen with products from a certain manufacturer then a kettle and toaster set is a great way to do it and many kettle and toaster combinations often have a matching microwave or coffee maker.

Here at My Kitchen Accessories you can easily buy a kettle and toaster set in the UK often for under £100 and if you cannot find what you are looking for perhaps try visiting the retailer on each product to see if there are any similar sets that may be more preferential to you. If you cannot see anything you like below do please have a look at more kettles and toasters on our site as in many cases you will be able to find a matching kettle or toaster that can be dispatched from the same retailer.

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