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We have a wide range of green toasters to choose from here at My Kitchen Accessories in every tone of green you could wish for. Whether you are looking for a lime green or olive green toaster or something less bold such as pastel or mint green we have green toasters that will colour match your green kitchen accessories perfectly.

Below you will find green toasters from some of the United Kingdoms top kitchen appliance manufacturers including Dualit, Delonghi, SMEG and Swan. No matter what your budget you can find a green toaster below that will speed up your mornings leaving you more time to spend with the family or relax before a busy day.

If you are looking for a small 2 slice green toaster ideal for a small family or student lodgings you can pick one up below from a very low price. If you would like a green 4 slice toaster that can quickly make toast for the whole family our 4 slice toasters start from a little more and many of the toasters here have matching kettles from the same brand allowing you to pick up a green toaster and kettle set for little extra cost.

When it comes to choosing a green toaster we highly recommend both the Dualit and Delonghi range as both brands always receive excellent reviews on the majority of their products. Although these ranges are slightly more expensive than other brands the quality of the toasters are often far better and they far less likely to break, giving the user many years of usage before needing to replace the toaster.

All of the green toasters below have a number of reviews and ratings from customers on Amazon UK and we recommend that you read what others have to say about each toaster you consider before deciding on a purchase.

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