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If you are looking for a blue toaster to add to your blue themed kitchen then we have a great range of 2 slice and 4 slice blue toasters to choose from in a range of tones. If you are looking for a pale blue toaster in duck egg blue or pastel blue or a teal or turquoise toaster you will be able to find a blue toaster here to match the tones of your other blue kitchen accessories.

We have blue toasters from a number of retailers and a range of high quality brands including Dualit, SMEG and Swan. The toasters listed start at a very low price if you are looking for a small 2 slice blue toaster ideal for a small family or a student. If you are looking to spend more on a blue toaster that will last you for many years then the Dualit range is a great place to start looking.

The Dualit range combines iconic design with expert craftsmanship ensuring you will always get a very high quality functional product that will work for years to come and toast your bread perfectly, many of the Dualit toasters below are hand built and hand sprayed at the Dualit factory giving the buyer a highly personal and fairly unique toaster to add to their kitchen. As owners of Dualit kitchen appliances we can confidently say that they are both stylish and highly reliable toasters that will provide many years of usage.

The toasters below are all packed with features and designed to make your mornings run more smoothly, if you are always in a rush before getting the kids to school a 4 slice blue toaster with a high wattage is something that will really help speed things along. If you are often interrupted and your toast often goes cold have a look for a blue toaster that has a warming function as this will save you the hassle of eating cold toast.

Each of the blue toasters below are highly rated by the majority who buy them and to help you in your search many have reviews from other consumers to help you make an informed decision when deciding on what blue toaster is best for you!

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