Here is a selection of kitchen accessories and cooking ideas found from around the internet to inspire and encourage children to learn while having fun in the kitchen. These kids kitchen accessories are perfect for young chefs beginning their journey to becoming a master chef! Help start a lifetime passion for cooking and good nutrition with tools and ideas that are seriously fun and engaging.

With some minor help from my 5 year old son, I have included a range of products that will not only help kids already enthusiastic about cooking but also items that will encourage children to love their food and aid them in clearing their plate at dinner time.

This list features a whole host of kitchen accessories, gift ideas, cookbooks and apparel that youngsters, older kids and even the young at heart are sure to love. To be taken to the stockist click on either the photo or the red text beneath the image. Part 2 can be found here, take a look at the next 51 items on the list.