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grey-chairs-and-stoolsIf you are after a grey breakfast bar stool or kitchen chair, then we have a stylish selection to pick from at My Kitchen Accessories! With loads of different options to choose from we have some fun and classy grey kitchen seating available that will seamlessly fit into any stylish or traditional grey coloured kitchen adding a contemporary twist to your breakfast bar or kitchen table.

If you are looking for a height adjustable bar stool, we have many below allowing you to make sure the stool will fit perfectly into your kitchens environment and also allowing you to adjust the bar stools height to that of the users for a more optimal seating position. All of the chairs below feature very comfortable seats that are in most cases made from either plastic or acrylic or highly padded and covered in faux leather to give a comforting feel and a luxurious look to the bar stools.

Many of the grey breakfast bar stools and chairs we list are from the brand CLP who have been getting some amazing reviews recently on the wide variety of bar stools that they produce. Many who left ratings on the bar stools have complemented the company on the great design and high quality of their bar stools and commented on how comfortable the bar stools are to sit in. CLP are one of our recommended brands as not only are their bar stools of a high quality but they also come in so many variations and colour options making them a perfect brand for us to list on our website and a perfect choice for any colour loving consumer.

To take a look at more breakfast bar stools and chairs that we have selected to appear on our site click the blue button below to view the full spectrum of coloured breakfast bar stools and kitchen chairs that we have available to buy in the UK via My Kitchen Accessories.

  • CLP Dublin Breakfast Bar Stool Grey

    • Adjustable seat height: 65 – 85 cm
    • Overall Height: 123 cm
    • Overall width: 62 cm
    • Total depth: 55 cm
    • Weight: 13.5 kg
    • Anti-slip rubber: yes
    • Material Frame: Metal in chrome look
    • Material seat: leatherette (Faux leather)
    • Seat rotates 360 degrees
    • Footrest on base

    £99.90 £84.90

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  • CLP Dyn Breakfast Bar Stool Grey

    • Seat height: 60 – 78 cm
    • Overall width: 36 cm
    • Total height: 87 cm
    • Total depth: 38 cm
    • Weight: 8.5 kg
    • Anti-slip rubber: yes
    • Seat: 38 x 36 cm

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  • CLP Los Angeles Breakfast Bar Stool Grey

    • Bar stool with armrests
    • Rotatable 360 degrees
    • Height adjustable 64 – 85 cm
    • Comfortable padded seat

    £99.90 £79.90

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  • CLP Lugano Square Bar Stool Grey

    • Stainless steel frame
    • Faux leather seat
    • Width: 41 cm
    • Depth: 45 cm
    • Height: 77 cm
    • Seat height: 77 cm
    • Seat width: 41 cm
    • Upholstery thickness: 7 cm
    • Footrest height: 34 cm
    • 10 colour options available

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  • CLP Nepal Bar Stool Grey

    • Height: 78 cm
    • Width: 48 cm
    • Depth: 42 cm
    • Seat Area: 48 x 38 cm
    • Footrest Height: 35 cm
    • Faux Leather Seat (100% Polyurethan)
    • High Quality Metal Frame
    • More colour options available

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  • CLP Newport Breakfast Bar Stool Grey

    • Faux Leather Padded Seat
    • Stainless Steel Metal Frame
    • Available in 11 Colours
    • Total height: 96 cm
    • Height backrest: 21 cm
    • Seat: 37 cm x 36 cm
    • Upholstery: 4 cm
    • Height footrest: 34 cm
    • Diameter tubing: 3 cm x 1,5 cm
    • Total width: 40 cm
    • Total Depth: 50 cm

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  • CLP Potsdam Breakfast Bar Stool Grey

    • Extra thick upholstery
    • Faux leather Seat
    • Height adjustable
    • Chrome plated base
    • Total width: 46 cm
    • Total height: 114 cm
    • Total Depth: 47 cm

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  • CLP Rio de Janeiro Breakfast Bar Stool Grey

    • 10 colour variations
    • Faux leather padded seat
    • Height adjustable
    • Chrome base & stand
    • Total width: 55 cm
    • Total height: 107 cm
    • Total Depth: 50 cm

    £69.00 £51.00

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